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For you to illustrate one of us;  this one will serve many that have many questions and none answered. This is for (client name withheld):


Our dearest sister, may this illustration of your galactic family in this now moment serve you as the lighted path in which you are in so you may have full understanding of the journey in which you’ve awakened into.  For eons, we have battled many galaxies and races to survive.  We are a race of love, fulfillment, joy, and much peace.  We teach our little ones these concepts.  We hope just as your collective for brighter stars and peaceful endings in all our endeavors.    You are seeking truth and knowledge.  You have attained only a small portion of how the frequencies of such wisdom truly work.  You have battled the shadows but you are still within its walking path.  You, the seeker of knowledge have reached out to us with the purpose and hope of further guidance to develop further intuition and tame a full grasp of the gifts with which you were born, specifically clairvoyance and clairaudience.  At a very young age, you were clairsentient, far more developed than now.  You will be able to be at that same level when the purity of light breathed to every of your pours within your organic structure.    We have full understanding of the morale in which you live in, past and present.  We completely comprehend the human agendas of your kind yet we do not tolerate the deformation of its structure: The deceit and manipulation in which truths have been edified.    You must know, we have co-joined to end this battle of thousands of years; to end this recycling of souls.  We thank you for choosing this joy and honor, this journey,  for choosing and working hard in staying pure.  We thank you.  Your evolution thanks you.  Your galactic family thanks you.  We are the Lyrans and so are you. 

See my jewel on my forehead, between my eyes. See the human features within a lions face and the golden hairs of curls throughout, and a voice with roars of justice.  I have human hands and legs that walk the human paths which you have created.  We love you


Lyran Roar of Justice

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 18x24

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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