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         It is without judgment that I come forth today to bring understanding of my existence.  I am Mary Magdalene.  The one and the only from the also chosen…  But I am the one you know of tears, of agony and much profound love in all its purity.      My message,  and please see me as I am….  

         My message to all those that have chosen to hear, to listen, to embrace and to live by,  bringing it in as part as their own reality,  be not swift to judge for the world you live in is a creation of your imagination.  You can thwart reality, you can modify your destiny, you can shift your vision at anytime.  With what purpose you might ask, with the purpose of surrendering, with the purpose of embracing, with the purpose of creating and manifesting the outcomes that you wish, you can therefore create change and different outcomes, not to avoid but embrace the lesson that is carried within the lifetime you have created for yourself.

         You all knew, we knew where and why we came.  Yet you have chosen to forget.  I am Mary Magdalene among others.  This vessel has established the connection between the existence of I AM and her higher self, but I must clarify that I am Mary Magdalene who speaks.  The concept I have explained seems to be not clear to your ears.  Embrace the power you carry within to create the change that you want.  How much simpler can that be? 

     I am Mary Magdalene.  I too journeyed among the living, or rather among the dead…. Was I able to change my vision  -to change what awaited my beloved?  I did embrace it, and that brought change within me:  a completion that was needed for my growth and the growth of my beloved as well.  You may feel at times that you are victims.  I must remind you that you are not.  None of you is a victim to the circumstances you live in today.  Embrace your power.  And even though it may seem circumstances are out of your hands, believe they are within your mindset and reality, and change will come.  Embrace a positive outcome for yourself.   I am Mary Magdalene.  I remain within my existence which is currently yours.  Embrace me in your reflection and gain your power within to bring the realities that you wish. 

I love you all. 

We love you all.



Mary of Magda

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 16x20"

    • 3/4" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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