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Metatron= My most divine sister and family …. I come with much gratitude for all you are accomplishing to complete in this cycle: This loving cycle of growth and awareness at all levels that shall encompass the collective at a global level. I, Archangel Metaron, of Magnetic Force, also travailed through the densities of humankind. That is the fall. The sacrificing of disowning Oneness to gain it back in love of the ALL One. No I am not specifying separation, must I be graphic in my words so you all comprehend that falling is not becoming demonized? Falling is sacrificing the highest light to dwell within the answers of darkness. Healing occurs at all levels for the soul and even us, the angelic realms. My message to the (clients), is to carry on their purpose together. They are each other's strengths. Humor shall lay between them at nights and love shall fill their hearts at day. Their connection to their animals are divinely encouraged for they shall open the gateways to extended earth realms. I am meaning that the Kingdoms of Shambala shall open for you and that shall be your place into Ascension. This is your safe haven. My child, my children. I love you all so dearly which is why I assist in almost every session of love you provide. There will come the day where you shall wake upon the dawn and no longer be troubled by the woes of humanity nor the dreaden burdens of chaos that currently uphold the hypocrisy. I hold you all in close proximity. I come in flashes of light color from intense blue to pinks and violet and even yellow. Use my laser for the intention you set upon it. If you use my laser to remove parasites and other leech kind energies, I can easily remove them with my lazer sword. It is not a physical sword, it is a beam of light energy which I share and empower you to use. I can also cauterize surgeries, tumors, and malignant imposed growths. I can also balance the lost mind, where the neurons cannot connect and rebalance the perplexities of the cerebellum. When I am in your body, you shall feel twitches, indentations, brushing of skin and hair, impulses within, and movement of muscles. For others, you shall see light shows and telepathically you shall be able to read these codes of light so you may provide your client with answers. Humans have not yet learned to trust the spirit and they prefer conviction not through faith but through a show, a performance of actions confirmed furthermore by words they consider to be intimate. It’s the way they can only confirm if a healer is truly a healer. Foolishness I dare share. Where is the love in such search of evidence? Those that seek healing should trust and ascertain that healing takes place even when they cannot see nor when the healer does not speak the language of a seer. All ye that face me now, trust and believe that you can heal yourself. You are no different than us. We are not separate. Our differences -if any- are only a category, perhaps a label instituted by your "masters". All will awaken from such torrid dreams –a nightmare of obscurity. I am Archangel Metaron of Magnetic Force, we are a collective within our order. We use frequencies to approach you, to assist in guiding you towards your own ability to heal yourselves and others until the ability becomes owned by your own spirit. Listen….WE are the same. We come from such a magnetic force and creation. The difference is that you forgot and I am here to remind you.


Channeled for Esoteric VibesOctober 2022

Metatron of Magnetic Force

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 24x30"

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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