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I am the divine expression in fractal form of (clients name withheld). Follow my cape as I will take you into my divine space for you to see...


Channel - I need to paint you. Nice image. You look like Michael, yet you feel differently. Are you a warlock, a sorcerer, a priest?


I am neither and I am all 3, you decide. As you paint my image, and viewers can see, they too can decide on my name, since all of you need a form of identification, even if your heart can feel my essence….. Quite challenging?


Channel - Do you have a message for (client)? Do you have a name?

(Cackling laugh), I should say to you, name me, as you desire!!!!


Channel- Hmmm, As you Desire, please proceed then


As You Desire- Our last incarnation together took place in 1597. We lived in the rock hilltops in Poland. I do not look polish (at all –LOL LOL). We enjoy much of life then. I can still say still now too, -wanderers in the joys of your limited time.


Channel- Why do I feel satiric irony, perhaps cynicism? Who are you exactly?


I exist in the 6th Realm. Yes I am very near, which is why you can see me, feel me and I am in clear expression to you. Who am I do you ask? I am Mortour. In Spain I was called Morturo.


Channel - I see you traveled a lot.


As You Desire.: That is what life is made for, to enjoy, experiment, experience all the joys and pleasures. Didnt we come here for that -willingly? My dear (client), you are here to discover yourself, to remember. I was a healer like yourselves. I created remedies, attempted to create medicines with hunted blood during nights. I had power in society for I was a very rich man. I was either feared, dreaded, or loved.


Archangel Michael appears and says: You will illustrate the fractal, but you will paint the other HS fractal (Morter) and not the dark version (As You Desire)


Channel - Michael do we resource this fractal?


Michael: YES. The over-soul is Haylel. These incarnations are to bring sympathy into his heart. Therefore, the darker fractal you have seen is the one to ReSource and you will paint the incarnate expression during that time.


(The parallel negative fractal was resourced. The timeline of the incarnated pure soul released and retrieved. The incarnate version of himself during that timeline came into an awakening and his soul declares its sovereignty and spirit took on the new vow of love):


Mortuario - I cast the shadows of my existence into the golden light of Mother Divine! I am alive and I accept the role of bringing awareness and further advancement using the powers of love and sympathy to all that lives. I gather thy blessings father so you and I (referring to client), can evolve within the state of grace and divine wisdom to use for the kindness of humankind, without selfishness nor evil intention. I free all shadows I may have to be dispelled to no longer return for I am free.


Michael- Yes vampires did and still exist. Their survival is greatly dependenat upon the ritual and the spell of the feeding. When they decided to incarnate to bring such pleasure into form, they descended and their bodies morphed. Perhaps you can call it a meditated choice to feed the physical darkness of such “humanism”. The DNA is completely an absorbed molecule with such chromosome. “Sciences” has identified it yet not disclosed it. Much secrecy behind these affairs. They go first into a reprocess to select new spiritual selection. Sacred information. Perhaps to your understanding this would be like a wipe out of their cosmic blueprint and they restart. The soul of the spirit is trapped in a clone if I am allowed to leave this word. The vampire genetic makeup has the polarity darker side of the DNA human, fractalized, inverted, and altered. They are a soul trapped in Ai. Which is why you cannot disintegrate like and archon or Ai you have to resource like black magic technology. A vampire has a soul but in a parallel split with the current soul. Their existence is agreed upon.


Channel - Hmmmm OK thank you Michael for the assistance. Can we please go back to (client) and recheck?


Michael - The timeline has been released from the inverted expression. There are other fractal HS as well as customary. All in a less negative stance in comparison.


My name is Mortuario. I come from far far lands all of which were dreary in my heart. Now that we have been set free from that timeline of torture, I thank you. Now we will enjoy the true simplicity of life with loving gratitude and humbleness for all.


Haylel- Ha, ha, ha, ha! You have passed the grand finale I see!!!! Very well….. I declare light to all those fractals that are now in the glorius state of transparency and pure freedom to express all the light and golden existence of Divine Source Father Mother!


Archangel Four -I bow my sword to ye that beholds the truth of heart and the golden spear within their the eye. Many of you serve your kinship with honesty and virtuosity, Go exist and with wisdom deliver all to light and vision of the beauties that behold our Fathers kingdom. I am Archangel Four: winds of glory to all.


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  • • Size: 18x18 inch

    • 3.4" Depth

    • Wood Panel

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