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I am the 7th archangel from the Stars of the Multiverse. The Great Divide as they call it. I come from the galaxies of Astrea Nebulum. I hold the crystal domain of Antartica, the mystery of undersea life. I am Mother Astrea, the Carver of Virture, the Crowned in Glory, the Seer of Galactic Life. I am Astrea, I come from the depths of the waters. As requested, to bring a message for one of my fractals. 


You question your state of being. You’ve questioned your state of mind, your purpose. 
I tell you, as Astrea that I am, from the depths of the sea, from the galaxies unknown to you, the answers to your questions are within you. Do not seek answers outside of you for they will make you go round in circles. Your purpose this time is to get to your final destination, although in our time there are no final destinations for everything is warranted, lovingly allowed.  You seek answers to your own riddles and you seek answers to your own questions. I tell you, as the Astrea that I am, a fractal of your own existence in this time,  seek within and you shall find what it is that you seek. 

I smile… and you should too. You are here to enjoy life. Do not suffer from others' sufferings. That is not your mission. Your mission is to seek solace from within and find your peace -for once you achieved, you will increase your own vibration into the galaxies. Follow your heart and not your mind. Believe that everything you have completed has served you well.  Now you can see. If before you thought you were somewhat blind, know and be at rest that now you can see. I am Astrea, Mother Astrea.  

Mother Astrea

Out of Stock
  • • Mixed media on canvas

    • 24x36"

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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