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Nata - We are 3 guides existent within (-----) immediate sphere of light.  We have been witnessing dramatic changes within (----) and around:  Changes that are bringing growth and maturity.  Survival within a word unknown to (----) currently as (----) navigates with purpose to comprehend (---) own power and show (----) stands within it.   Questions of how (----) can change or bring a momentum of change are part of  (---) mission work here on this planet realm.


With us,  (----) is receiving guidance to do this, but we have witnessed there is a further higher connection within the Divine elements of light and different frequencies as (----) accumulates intention at will to bring healing to (----).  (----) questions how will (----) expand this onto others  to arise;    this is a task to be discovered in due time.  


Channel - Thank you my good beings.  Beautiful message indeed of certainty and hope, guidance and true love.  Do you have a name I can provide so (---) may be able to communicate with you at will?


Nata - Nata.


Channel - Nata thank you.  I see you have both female and male energies within you.  Can you come closer so I can see how to illustrate you?  I see you have a star on your Crown.  Are you indigenous?


Nata - We are.  From the time of Lemuria and thereafter on other planets which you do not have a library we can tap into to share.


Channel  - Did you exist on earth as humans?  I am not sure how to illustrate you….


Nata - It is a dichotomy to classify us for we share different traits during our Lemurian existence.  We shall provide you will a clearer picture or image of myself.


Channel - Is there a specific message (----) can find useful for (---)mission?


Nata - Yes, our dearest child, know that you existed with us during this time.  We decided to honor your decisions and choices to continue your experiences on earth.   We wait for you homecoming to share your ordeals.   Dream of us to find answers and inspirations to your daily lives.   The hostile elements your planet now face are not too vague from our past experiences on earth.   But know your planet has help, so much so that earth as a collective is not forsaken.  Humans have made their choices to endure the good and the not so enlightening; this is only to broaden their aspects.  It is all a cycle but Love always wins.  Pain is only a consequence of choices made and choices are experiences to learn from and grow in expansion.


Love all you can.  I am Nata.


Channeled for Esoteric Vibes
March 2023



Nata of Lemuria

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 16x20"

    • 3/4" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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