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A white wolf, in a cold winter becomes visible. He wants me to follow him. I do.  I approach a village of natives. Lots of fires warming the town. They are so happy. One of them, a chief, signals to me to come. To sit, with them and offers me a pipe. There are two others, one of them young. They are not cold by the winter.


We are not affected, we are souls. We no longer trapped in our body suits.


You speak English.


We do. We are the Comanche Indians. The Tribe of Nebanori Indians, Nebanori Indians. We go back before the 1300's. Our tribes stationed in Idaho, Nebraska and South Dakota then.


I come to visit on your plane because (client)  wants a painting of her lineage. To do this painting I must see each of you.  (:”The chief is not over 4”  he says;  “The initiate is only 16, and the  Elder wise witch shaman is 82”)


What order?


Chief, Shaman, and Initiate


What are your messages for (clients name withheld)


Your grandmother’s side was of our tribe, so was her father and his father. We have a long lineage that ended back to the very early days of the Pioneer movement. But we started with the Siomowan Indians in North Dakota... As early in the 1200's. The Alaskan tribes also joined us in their migration towards the western lands, but they returned to their native lands. You see, all these lands are our home.


Large black Falcon flies onto the Shamans arm. And looks at me. Then looks away.


Our message brings the message of empowerment, connection and the understanding that the Almighty exists within eternity, immortal, and everlasting.  Regardless of the conditions you face or faced, there is no difference in the teachings because the soul lives forever and the teachings you received before, live on and on.


But what good is it if we do not remember as soon as we incarnate?   How do these lifetime teachings stay with us?


Ahhhh my child, the human does not listen.  The teachings stay in your heart.  It is part of you forever and ever.  The experiences and lessons learned from each life,  stay with you this explains why your reactions, fears, doubts exist because a part of you can still tap into such times and pull out that which threatens your survival and evolution.   But humans were taught to not listen and therefore, here we are clarifying this to you.


Do you have a name my wise one?


I am Chief Talameia, Night Eagle Swordfish.   


Thank you for your beautiful message.   Thank you for this honor to be amongst you in wisdom and Light. 


Sept. 2023



Native Inheritance

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  • • Mixed Media on Stretched Canvas

    • 36x36"

    • 1.50" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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