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You have you called us. We are as you see us. One body, two souls, one heart, two creative essences in an expressive visual, but only one creative heart. In our lands, this can be true.


We have lived in Atlantis as our true Creator beings. We used our indicators of light as healing probes to bi-locate into different realms as we were needed to transmute essences of souls in a crossing especially if they were children or beings from other realms crossing into other existences. We come from an array of rainbows and star systems. We come from Atlantis and this is our story.


We may have two bodies, but we have one heart and one divine creative reality linked by our souls. We do not challenge each other with differences nor shadows, but we exist in a multiplicity of realms alternatively in different planes where needed. We can see through your soul's eyes and we emanate our divine Creator’s love and light where needed. We can read your DNA imprinting and transmute to resotre an orginal DNA. We have been guarded by the Sacred Gardens of Tellos currently and there is where we speak from. We can read your mind, your soul, and your spirit. If you ask us to come into your life and home, we can, in fact we have....


Your worlds have termed those who look alike as doppleganger as a way to depreciate the power of two, to minuscule and underestimate the power of twos. We are not twins, but we are twin creations of the Source with the abilities to create by the two-fold the magic of nature and its healing onto all.


In Tellos we are called Nir and Vana. Yes, we are them because the whole term is pure bliss of unison, one creation, one love, one power.


Nir & Vana

Out of Stock
  • • Acrylic on canvas

    • 16x20"

    • 3/4" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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