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(A butterfly flies down from the sky, fluttering its wings and I can hear it whistling. The butterfly has a wingspan of more than a foot but less than 2 feet.)


Butterfly: “Transformations are coming”


Channel:  Is this for (childs name withheld) or for….


Butterfly:   “For the human race, for the planet, for the cosmos. Rejoice. Follow me and see”


( I went through a waterfall, into a tall cave, dark, but there were torches of fire inside. We arrived at a large table made of rock, it was round and the seats were made of flat stones. At this table there were 7-9 empty seats, but two were occupied by an old wise man dressed in white with a long beard and a beautiful light body lady dressed in white but she shimmered in gold.)


Wise Man said: “We commend you for all the work you have done. It is with much caution that we have approached you today and you are in full contact with us now because you have commanded your spirit to increase your life force energy. You are now able to bi-locate at will, this is the due expansion we congratulate you with. We ask that you maintain your powers as they will continue for everyone. Everyone.”


Channel:  I am deeply honored by this presence and attendance. I am grateful. I do not know your name nor will I ask for it.


Old Wise Man: “You will be in between this realm and yours in order to continue your work.  This is Lady Marcella and I am Dionysious. You will paint a pretty painting of butterflies and flowers. The fit of activation beauty and serenity will come with that painting to emit love and gratitude for all that was learned during the earth days. But this painting is an activation for those to see the Gardens of our lands which are sacred to those that will arrive. A welcoming for those that have worked their journeys”


Channel: Can I paint her fractal higher self?


Dionysious: “That can be arranged”


(I was then taken to a Victorian time, a lady with a hat, curls in medium brown, perhaps an image of a Victorian young lady. This beautiful young lady was dressed all in black including the hat. That was typical during this time if she was a widow. That information was not confirmed though.)


Dionysious: “To avoid mysticism, paint her in pastel colors.”


(I heard the telepathic name Oleanda)


Channel:  Welcome my good being, it has been quite a journey to meet with you. What is your divine message to the parents of (child's name has been withheld)  


Oleanda:    "I am grateful for this work. I have chosen another ride within time, once again. This time, I am to witness and exemplify the new patterns of change to uplift my soul and spirit and bring harmony and teachings to others in the new world. Yes I will bring lessons of love, mercy, nutrition, and new patterns of manifestation through optimism and positivity. I am determined to learn this time the ways to expand my spirit."


Channel - I’d like to share your message with her parents, do you have one for them so it is easy for them to assist you in your new chosen journey?


Oleanda:    “Learn, open your hearts to the unveiling of this planet. There are thousands of souls that will emerge from the dark times you have lived. We have accepted our new roles in this coming, many children will flourish and teach new ways though different styles and ways of creating things. Many gifts we will share with you. Feed my soul and spirit not by body. Learn new ways to keep my soul within integrity. We have journeyed together before, and now it will be in full blessing for every birth is the hope for a new dawn. I honor both of you, and those you bring to me within ties of love and support. Together, we shall bring teachings to many. Thank you for this agreement”.


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  • • Oil on canvas

    • 16x20"

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrappe

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