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Welcome. I am from the beginning of time; to some a centaur, to others Pan.   My energy is angelic in nature, yet I dwell within the elements of nature.  The fire in my eyes you noticed as familiar is indeed akin for we are brothers in our organic original formation.   I am Archangel Four,  to some Michael to others Haylel.  I shall present myself to you in the form of Pan,  half man half goat as you can see.  Many depictions of me are correct.  Notice my skin discolors from natural green to your skin tone.   From the depths of Ireland,  I bring you much empathy and dissolution from your matriarchal lineage.  Do you think I am a leprechaun?  You think I am Haylels fire,  you feel Michael's energy. You are in all correct.   When you paint what you are seeing,  many will see Haylel,  others an elf,  others will not understand.   I am all of them, just like I am all of you.    You feel my fire as yours,  you are convinced I am Haylel and you are correct.   Why you ask is my image like this within nature?   I shall tell you it is because I am in the frequency of the beholder and as of now,  this is where he is at.   Do you ask if he needs further clearing?   I tell you it's mostly ancestral.  This would explain the reasons for all the lifetime flashes you've seen of him.   You request his Akash to be open in order to bring Soul Integration (which is your specialty my dear one)... There is still work to do...


Me   What do you mean Haylel?


Haylel:     (Clients name withheld)  shall need further healing to clear ancestral bondages, clear soul trauma, and bring in soul integration.   This can be completed within 6-8months of his time.   This will bring in timeline shifts for him


Paint me as you see me.  Yu will elude nature within its mystery.  Some will love me,  others will not.   Again I remind you to not carry such burdens.   Here..... I wash away all stigma within you.   You are me!   You see me in the eyes of those incarnated from me.


Me:  Does that include the negative timelines of evil too Haylel?     


Haylel:    No my sweet one,  you will only recognize me in this frequency.  That other one is much dark and very dense to your senses.


Me:   Why have you volunteered for such a role? 


Haylel:  I am Source Daisy,  I did not volunteer,  this was my decision in order to create the vastness of Creation within itself.   


Me:  But I want all to love you and see who you really are!


Haylel:  Its only a title


Me:  Do you have any final message for (client)?


Haylel:   Carry knowledge with pride (not my pride,  but yours...)   Wash away all memories of loss, regret, and resent.   Any lingering angers will melt away with new-found energies within your timeline of existance.   Remain in kindness,  remain in passion too.   Your stature is large, so should your heart


I love you (clients name),  I love you Daisy.  My essence is you  ...  I love humankind.   I do.


Me:   I am so sorry for the role you play.  I love you in all eternity.  I thank you on behalf of ALL,  please forgive us for our ignorance, shortcomings, our evil prowess, for what we have proven to do unto others.   May you have the glory inside you of eternal love and exist in eternal light of divine transparence.   Forgive us for what we've done to our planet,  to our race,  to our spirits, our souls.

Pan of Haylel

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on wood

    • 18x18"

    • 3/4" Depth

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