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Pardi:   I am the one you seek. See me in my transformational expression, where in grace I stand in the face of tribulation. I shall not express myself within the two folds of visualization, but as I truly am when in peace (She was referring to her KaliMa portrayal); Therefore, I come in peace so you may attribute only love within.


Channel:   Pardi. It’s an honor to meet with you once again. Your beauty is your grace indeed. I have a request from (client) to paint his highest frequency fractal self and lovingly you have appeared. He would love a painted illustration of you and a message that would assist him in his current timeline


Pardi: I bring you fragrances of myrrh and frankincense as my peace offering, flowers of the lotus for grounding, and a fire torch to burn away all obstacles.


Channel: Is your name Pardi or Parvati? You look like Parvati, but I heard Pardi


Pardi:  My attempt was to show you Parvati but you understood Pardi. It is well


Channel:  I see a variation of either 2 hands or even 4. Is this correct?


Pardi:   There are depictions of me showing even 8. It is just representative.


Channel: What is your message for (client)?


Pardi:   Do not collide with your inner beliefs, rather acknowledge them and accept them, work them through without attachment. If feelings encumber your heart, listen. Should negativity strong-hold your heart, let it through without attachment. Holding onto negative memories can crystallize what otherwise could become your own beacon of light (name of client withheld). Tortures are self induced in one’s memory bank. If you work diligently you shall find the light of your path; do not negate the darkness within, simply remember there is to be polarity in all creations. Judge not others different than yourself. Judge not your own stealth either. Kindness with firmness grounds your grace. Surrendering to the joy of all creations is a key that requires no judgment held by stagnant core beliefs. With this, open your fields of growth to welcome challenges and allow evolution of your spirit. May the light of Ghana accompany you. ( This is what I heard, so I looked it up and found: swami by the late Swami Krishnananda of India in 1975 known as Ananda Ghana).


Channel: Thank you Pardi, is there a specific way I should paint you?


Pardi: Flowers, lots of flowers in white, pinks, peaches, and reds. The sheath is an intense pink. I am here to serve. You honor me with your gift. (She bows)

March 2022

channeled for


Pardi Parvati

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 16x20"

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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