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Welcome, I bring forth calla lilies from the desert. Travel to yonder, I shall take you to the rivers of Nigri, the waterfalls where lilies bloom.  Follow me.  I shall trail you to the sun where rays are triangles and shimmers are beings.  My journey is yours.  We have traveled long and far, in all holograms of time.  I am Andromedan Andrea Berenghetti from the east Gaelena, from the western Starr, from the North Shimensha, from South Andromeda.  


I carry 3 fingers;  my skin, a pale light blue-green.  My eyes, angled almonds, my head, elongated;  my cape, iridescent.  Our lives have a wonder, throughout time.  Much we have accomplished.  The Vegans, our neighbors with exchanged knowledge.  We are not dwarfs, nor fairies.  We were the 3rd creation race made with the hope of transcendence.  We brought light to the caves, although we did not bring fire,  we brought divinity of tools.  (name withheld) is an Andromedan,  know that (name withheld) too.  Our healers have read stars and so do you. 


Your mission has been complete.  You are free to choose again.  Instruction is your path with wise words.  You bring hope in a seedless thought.  I am Pecoria,  Andromedan by nature,  Starseed of your galaxy.  This is my message to you:  be still and listen for the stars shall bring their message.  We are the stars of the galaxy.  Behold, we are here.

Pecoria Ea-Au-Ta-Toh

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 16x20"

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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