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I am Ambra, the HS of (client's name withheld), a Pleiadian from the Starship Galaxy.  You asked to see me and I show myself to you as I am.  You ask me, what is my responsibility on this ship.  Among classified information for your ears and the general public:  I bring healing to those that come into our ship, those that are rescued.  I cannot reveal any more information of that classification.  You ask me why is there a connection between a special being and (client name withheld) and why I came forth... the response is simple.  In her current lifetime, as of today in this moment, she is operating from this standpoint and ready to understand her connection with her galactic family.  You ask what is that beaming perfect circle of turquoise light you see in the ether.  That is my orb.  Can you see me?  Can you hear me?  And can you feel me? 


You wish I deliver a message to (client).  Worry not my dear, everything has played out for your best and highest vibration at this current time.  We are all in preparation of all your arrivals for a meeting of the eyes is approaching.  The gathering so long awaited for,  however, much work remains to be completed.  Names are not imporatant to us as they are to you.  Ambra, is as simple as I can provide a name for you.  There is a saying in your current world,  sweat not the details,  dont sweat the little things.  Focus on the bigger picture for a longer term.  You are not responsible for the outcome for the choosings that others in your life make.  Continue the path that you are creating in sharing health in all its form to you and our loved one, your son.   The rest shall follow.    You have a silent question my dear,  that I shall answer as yes.  The connection has been confirmed however the revelation cannot come to its fruition for you have not entered that timeline. 


Do not trouble your heart for that waivers your vibration.  Be still and listen. 

Know that you have arrived home.  

Pleiadian Ambra

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 18x24"

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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