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          A  high priestess of the 7th realm where diversions of the human kind are considered a dualistic realm.  From the Great Divide I reach out as I am, so you may see me.  Notice my features are very humanlike.  More information cannot be provided at this time of communication.  Our connection is momentary.   My message to (client name withheld)  is to not dwell on the “could-be’s”  -for life is so very much short,  and time is precious for you.  Focus on your  yearnings and bring them to fruition.  I come from the 7th dimensional realm of a galaxy not so far where you can see us through a telescope magnifier.  We have journeyed much of time together,  and now in this time once again.   We are a space ship of dreams and we aid your kind to visions and auditory clearness.  As you integrate your sovereign powers, claim them from the multiverse we reign in and create that which you can build upon.   My name is not important but my frequency is.  The vessel requested frequency being to be channeled through this invocation of your higher self,  I have come through.  I resonate with her and with you and lovingly I touch both for clarity of vision.  Now you can see.   Embrace thy gifts bestowed once again.  Build upon that which you have construed.  Your journey has not even begun.  Go about and spread thy knowledge of creation.

Priestess of the 7th Realm

Out of Stock
  • • Mixed media on canvas

    • 24x36"

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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