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The Healer of the Divine, the light upon earth.  Brining a divine message to all who can hear.  My presence and name is not a necessity for what I am about to say is of utter importance and those that have chosen this path shall listen. 

It is of utter importance the connection you are about to make onto this plane.  For you chose this divine moment of now for this specific reason:  to shake the grounds upon walking of yours and others.   Some of you shall walk in different pathways and that has been prechosen and agreed to.  You must not divide further in argument of who is in the right lane and which lane will take longer.  That is not of importance.  The important factor here is the journey and getting there.  Taking a generation or two or 3 is the journey, the way.  

Ascension occurred the day you decided to incarnate for their is no time in our frame –that is incorrect.  The correct role of time for you is the frequency.  Time is the frequency.  Your frequency will determine the time of ascension.  You are here bound by love and choice, not punishment.

I am Raphael, Healer of the Divine, The divine doctor of etheric surgeries, the shaman of the smokes, the witchdoctor of the crafts -titles if you may.  The star here is YOU.  Realize and remember.  Divine days are to come for most of you.  Stay in balance.  There will days of shadow and days of purity in light.  Embrace both.   I am Rafael,  the “King of the Temple”, the  healer of all space.


Out of Stock
  • • Mixed media on canvas

    • 24x36"

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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