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Archangel Rafael appears.


Channel:  Oh my God!  How am I supposed to paint you Raphael?


Rafael:  As I am.


Channel:  Is it true that you will appear as I wish to envision you or as you truly are?  I wish to paint you as you truly are,  or as (clients name has been withheld) thinks you look like.  Which shall it be?


Raphael:   My robe is green and violet.  Yes I look like Yeshua, for known reasons.


Channel:  You are holding like a greenish ball in you left hand.  Is that the green plasma you use to heal?


Rafael:  Yes, indeed it is.  I use this quantumly.  It is really energy composed of light speed, also being used in the quantum med beds to come.  These are crystalline particles of light with very high frequency of molecules and components that restore tissue and nerve endings to its original state.


Channel:  Raphael, many of the race’s DNA has been altered through food and vaccinations throughout our lifetimes.  Can these elements -when used on our bodies,  restitute the DNA or remake it within the new structure? 


Raphael:  Ahhh clever one question there….  This plasma and the larger elements used in the beds will restore the DNA to its original blueprint however it will integrate the DNA upgrade needed for ascension,  if this response clears your doubt.


Channel:  Yes, I thank you.  I know this is delicate information.  Does (client) need your healing and can you please provide that for her today?


Rafael:  Yes she does. 


( I was able to witness how geometric symbols went into (clients name withheld) body, one by one.  Then I witnessed how his green plasma went into the heart and stomach areas mostly.  Metatron arrived to remove a spinal parasite, and we sealed the healing with a specific alchemy symbol.  I asked Raphael, if we were done.  He moved the plasma to the right leg.  Implants were removed.  He then informed, she is in a much better state than before. I asked if she will feel the difference and he said, she aleady has.)


Channel:  Thank you for this.  Do you have a message for her and the human race?  


Raphael:   Your loving support has been the role model to more than one.  Your living grace has elevated you to high frequencies of channeling and even self healing, which you will gain more acuity and control in its manifestation.  The ability to self heal will come this year.  In the next, you will manage skills of energy to heal  others.   A pure heart is important and has much weight when in the process of surrender.  That, you have achieved.  This was one of your lessons in this chosen lifetime.  Never look back, it is not necessary.  To know you must surrender, it is to examine the heart and feel its weight.  If it is light, then the work has been done.  If there is still a burden, a heaviness within, then surrendering is the key to healing.  This can be applied to all the body.  Trusting that it shall be done. 


My message to the world is:  Harboring and holding onto old habits and comforts of routine will keep you in illness.  You must release, trusting that you deserve divine truth and that you carry this truth in you.  There shall come a time, when humans will not live in fear or regret.  It is written.  I am Archagel Raphael.  I hold the staff of the kundalini energy and the divine mystery of energetic balance.  Some philosophies have confused this balance with duality,  the truth is that to hold your own divine healing, you must embrace both aspects of the self within creation, both the female and the male, both the shadows and the light.  This creates the vibrational sound of creation itself and this harmony is what the rise of the kundlaini is without repression or fear. It must be held in union with the breath and once clearing its passage through all the divine, activation points into the physical.  Once it reaches the crown,  it is then held at breath and redirected to the neck back known as the Alta Major and internalized within the heart where creation explodes and the self becomes one with source energy.  I am Archangel Rafael,  may this message be sanctified among those who listen.  It is done.








May 2022
channeled for



Raphael Speaks

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