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He approaches me with a glass of water. Crystalline blue water from the streams and
waterfalls within his world.

Hi Rob, I'm so happy to see you. I painted you, for (client).  I have invoked you because I couldn't remember what color  your eyes are.

What color would you like them to be?


I want them to be as you are. This is for (client)

My eyes are green, on the aqua side.

I painted them violet! LOL, I even wasn’t sure about grey but I never imagined green

They can be a greenish yellowish.

Exactly,  that’s the color I saw just now as I admired you in the painting. I never listen. LOL

You do, you listen.

Hey, do you have a message to share with (client)?

I can.  Tell him, I am very easy to talk to. Yes he might confuse me with inner talk and feel
challenged in deciphering if its him or I. The truth is, wee are the same and any inspiration or gut feeling he receives in love and not doubt, will always be me. Messages about growth versus stagnant, messages about progress and not idleness. Messages about positive change and not doubt. Anything that comes to in him in fear, or lack, or question,  is not me.   This should help him clarify his ideas better.

What about his abilities that are growing incredibly fast on seeing and feeling?

Oh, that will unquestionably continue has his senses become sharper. He should request deciphering more so he knows what comes in under the divine and intuition versus filtered suspicion.  Life is so precious, he must admire his own life path here on earth and live in gratefulness  for all the experiences . He has gone beyond the growth he signed up for and that is commendable.

Thank you for the the healings. I know they were done with utter love. I love you , I
thank your for our first meeting. It was so profound, and you are so real. I feel every inch
of your essence and I truly bask in your lightness.

My love be with you too.


Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 16x20"

    • 3/4" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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