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Sartulo SeiHei Ki :   I am a fire dragon of the universe.   From the beyond the 12th dimension.   I am from the 13th,  the divine collective of the fire dragons.   You ask if there is an angelic being as his consiousness,  as you wish to speak and SEE his most purest form of divinity.   I can show you that too as you can see there is nothing unless you wish to SEE.  


ME:  You speak in riddles,  and I will not be able to translate what you just showed me.  The empty cosmos with nothing but stars and 1 shining star…..   Is there a vocabulary name in me we can use to name you?    You actually speak.    So tell me ,  there is nothing outside of the 12th?  What is your message to (clients name withheld)?   Are you a galactic race?


Sartulo SeiHei Ki :   We are a galactic race yes.  You call me Sartulo SeiHei Ki.   You will soon realize it’s a symbol you have used before.  And when you look up this name you will realize,  after my message,  why I’ve given you such name for me.


Me:   Are you the ones that assist us at the bottom of the ocean to watch over the archons we dissipate?


Sartulo SeiHei Ki :   Those dragons live in another galaxy from ours.  They live within your crystalline helix.  We exist as an essence outside of it.


Me:   There is so much to learn.   Can you grant (client)  a gift of a message for him?


Sartulo SeiHei Ki:   There are galactic mysteries that must remain a mystery due to its level of sanctification.  If the world were to see how the angelics really are,  they would scream in agony and fear.   Much learning is heeded upon us.  Very well,  my sweet child.  With my fire,  I shall transmute your pathway,  as I know you ask for divine physical healing and divine understanding of our cosmos. .  .  


The fire of creation is beneath your feet.

The tandum of divineness exists within its own fire.

Forever is eternity, the quantum of thought.


Sartulo SeiHei Ki continues:    Within the power vested in me,  I grant you divine knowledge and those who read this,  shall have the understanding that creation comes from within and not externally.   See with me…..


The speck of light in the ether of the stars,

The glimmer of silence surrounds you

Creation is but a spark of light, and creation itself is the movement of sound;

That was the beginning of time.


Divine Mother:   Divine Mother I am.   You have seen the Glory of Creation.  I come forth now in eternal gratitude for all the incarnations (clients name withheld) has chosen.   Paint Dragon Sei Hei Ki with honor and print his divine message for all to read.

Sartulo Sei Hei Ki

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 16x20

    • 3/4" Depth Gold Frame

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