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Seraphim: …..Timelines have divided my dear Daisy. Time is now uniformed into one wavelength. It will become evident to man how this has become so. Many on earth are still not yet in this resonance but soon will be.


Channel:   If I just saw a split from the clients body, please explain how you are her divine expression within the highest frequency.


Seraphim: The merging has occurred while the majority slept. The switching of man’s souls occurred and transpired almost immediately.


Channel: What do you mean switching of souls? Are you referring to walk-ins or soul takeovers?


Seraphim: Yes, call it what you may


Channel: But there is a difference between soul take-overs and a walk-in, so you must explain


Seraphim: The takeover is a willingness to switch and allow for a divine expression to take-over the daily troubles and the matters of a world the soul has relented to not pursue any further. The walk-in process tends to be a little more stronger;  however, the willingness is the same.   Its a matter of frequency and resonance.


Channel: Is this soul switch, takeover, walk-ins being allowed with all forms of beings? I ask this because you mentioned resonance. There must be frequency vibration equivalency. So are you the clients HS?


Seraphim: I am a split as you saw stepping out of her body as you witnessed.


Channel: Is the term still Higher Self? Do you have a name? How do I know you are not a negative energy posing as just to give me inverted information?


Seraphim: I am you, I am her, I am the cat sitting at the base of this mechanism, I am everything around you like I am her and the persons under your roof.


Channel: No trick answers please


Seraphim: I am a Seraphim angel known as ….. the name does not exist in your vocabulary


Channel: Are you saying that her original creation is one of the Seraphim angels? Yet I don’t have its name in my memory bank. OK, so are you an original dark creation?


Seraphim: NO, I am not, I am from one of the creations that morphed from light into form and upon my falling or placement, I morphed into form.


Channel: Clever….. Very well then, in order for me to paint you I must see you. Seeing a split of her in her current body cannot fulfill this painting. I need to see you or I need to see a version of you perhaps your most immediate incarnation or split after that “first” creation? Show me how you or she truly is expressed within high frequency.


Seraphim: When I was first created, I was a beam of light…. I was, we came from a gigantic burst of pressurized light source, (you will begin feeling nauseas, just ground). Breathe along this vision please. We pulled away or rather the light energy birthed us from the pressure of the energy into a huge star mass. This mass floated for years and years in your terms, for us, it was a breath, a push, a delivery of massed stars. A collection of minute particles of stars. From here, we expressed into circled tiny sacred shapes of geometry, breathing, feeling, and some already thinking. Some fell into slumber, others became into form. We are the true divine expression of One. However, all the beings created and birthed under us are derived from ONE.


Channel: Show me your formation please.


Seraphim: To navigate I had to use my cellular memory of what Source One wanted to become or experience. But there was a higher form of energy creating my formation, the cluster of my formation. So it happened. I became form. A formation that allowed me exist, to float, as I continued to vibrate and fall. We took our first breath as the energies that were dense created and formed us. The air was dense, our surroundings could not allow us to keep our lighted formational spark. What you are seeing is the creation of the first beings and how the divisions occurred. How, you ask me, on my creation and I will show you… There was an ice race, lol. But there were also races that formed under fire, under water, and under soil. All the elements had a race created.


Channel: Which element are you?


Seraphim: I am from the element of air. I exist every where. I am here, there, in every atom. I am, moving in everything, I exist in everything.


Channel: Did you come about to having a body or an essence? If you are a Seraphim, then were you angelic in formation too?


Seraphim: Yes, as Seraphims we discovered we had free reign ground to exist wherever our resonance would take us.


Channel: I wish to be divinely fair and give you the opportunity of expression. Proceed with your story, but I will need to see you so I can paint you. That is the objective of this channeling. I must also receive a message from you for the client that will serve in her Ascension process.


Seraphim: More than a hundred billion years were laid before I was able to manifest a body incarnate. The winds carried my existence through space and time as being an air element, I was among the last to incarnate into mass. I will show you the first incarnation which was offered to me by a divine council of energies that approached me. Seraphims have 8 wings, 4 on each side. We are the balance of divinity, the polarity, the duality, but in our original creation we are the element of justice, the 5th element of the soul, for ONE (God Source) knew that this would create life beyond. We are the bringers of light, of justice, and of darkness. We brought kingdoms upon your land, the creation of earth itself. The promise of evolution. You can see me now not because you resonate within the 3D timeline, but because you can see within all the dimensions now, as can many like you. This is the imagery you are to create for “our” kind. The dimensions are all one where I come from. Perhaps an abstract creation of beauty, where the human eye can see me or perhaps not.


Channel: Will this painting bring in cellular memory to our brain and soul?


Seraphim: No not at this time, the variances of resonance are still too low to bring the memories of our existence into your awareness and consciousness without creating panic.


Channel: What is your divine message for (clients name withheld)  then?


Seraphim: Upon your physical convergence, you shall be integrated once again within your original creation where you can then decide and choose your next incarnation. You have navigated for eons your realities and there are many fractals of you to recoup. And that shall be your process of our next creation. In your now time, you will bring forth awareness and history to others, aid in matters of comprehension. Much explaining will be expected of you, then prepare for such awakening. Times of trial for many will once again be witnessed, this time enlightened of truth in your new dawn. I thank you for allowing me this momentum of expression and I am in gratitude for not judging nor being in fear. Continue your journey into awareness of who you are.


Channeled for

Seraphim Samael

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 18x24"

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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