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This is what I look like.  See me.  See my essence.   I am from the Kalinga tribe of North Africa.   Time has dispersed our existence.   I wear cowry shells around my neck.  A hide around my head with cowry shells hanging from the right.   This is done so we can hear messages from beyond through the left ear, the ear that leads from and to the heart messages from the divine masters.   My spear is my staff.  Yes I am a Shaman.   I work with herbs and the sounds of drums to waken the spirits of nature and our gods, our ancestral spirits that bring us knowledge from from the divine elders.   My eyes are grey because I am over 300 years.   In the beginning of time, we, man was made to last many years but invasions brought us that loss.   We became ill and soon perished from our lineages.   We exist however in the 5th dimensional realm where we still enjoy our natural beauties and sharing of communal gifts and talents.  We still heal with the elements of fire and herbal medicines we still make as we extract oils and make tinctures to stay healthy and strong.   We stand within our created hologram because we enjoyed our happiness then and we wish to continue our own created legacy of existence.  My name is Katmando. Some know me by Mandolele, and I prefer Lele or Lolo.   Life is simple here. 


Enjoy your hologram, for it is short lived and then you can decide where you wish to be more in whether it’s another planet or the illusion of a time including earth if that makes you happy. Bring your loyalty to your own self.  Do not create attachments to things nor others.  Live freely with the universe and serve no Lord except the Lord within.  Your Creator awaits your experience and attained knowledge.   He acquires as so you do.   There is no karma to serve for that too is an illusion of your own spectacle.   The term was used on your planet to keep you in a loop of reincarnation to serve a darker purpose for the sake of energy sharing which is not divine.   I am Lolo.   Your magic is in your soul.  Wake up and follow the path of truth.  Take this tea, and dive into the realities of your existence, which are your creations. 

Shaman Lolo

Out of Stock
  • • Size: 18x18 inch

    • 3.4" Depth

    • Wood Panel

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