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Our experiences are equal.  As spirit beings, we receive elevation as so does your spirit,  we receive love and clarity if you do as well.   Yes, we are are within a cross of spheres, but there is really no difference between our existences.  We too must carry our torch of light and strive to exist within it as well as you.  


With honor I serve thee.   With pride, although human,  I receive inspiration from you too.   I do bring clarity to your expansion at a higher degree, yes,  but it you who holds the key of both our hearts,  both mine and ours.   With honor I serve thee with clarity so you can foresee your own creation within a future that yet still has to exist.   This is an understanding that will begin to expand within your knowledge quite soon as you begin to unfold the power of your own recovery into health.  


The mystery is:   there really is none.  The miracle is that you carry the power to heal thyself and others.  There is no dormancy of density that can fulfill and overtake your heart.  Your heart is the gem of your life and it holds the most sacred and divine secret and miracle,  which is the power of God Creator Source.   He, She, It, does not exist outside of you,  this energy ONE is inside you, and shall forever ever be within eternity.


You are free.  Pick up the broken pieces, throw away the old book.  Its time to make your new one.




Channeled for

Shayla Under The Tree of Life

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 20x20"

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrappe

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