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Channel:     Shiva,   did you incarnate as a man on earth?


Shiva:  Yes I did.  More than once..  


Channel   Do you have a specific message for (client)?


Shiva:  Go and be fruitful for abundance has touched your heart.  


Channel.:   Why do I feel there is more to you?


Shiva:    What exactly do you wish to know?


Channel:   You have captured the essence of woman.  But how can woman comprehend the essence of man?   They seem to be so difficult with pride and ego.


Shiva-  Earthling man has not shaken off their instinctual craving for survival,  nor have they received the activation of the divine seeds of the 13th DNA.  They are limited in  they are limited in this comprehension toward women.  And they see as antagonistic womans confrontation and intuition.  They  cannot connect to this seed  for years it has been this way.  During ascension,  if man chooses,  he will receive this activation of the 13th seed in his chromosome.  


Channel:  But there are men that are sensitive to these futile woman ways,  how is this then?


Shiva :    Those are learned behaviors.  When men achieve this activation,  their biological makeup will change and immediately adapt to the comprehensive ways of delicacy and empathy.


Channel:   Will they continue to be men in a virile way?


Shiva:  Oh yes, and it will be then, that man will serve their Goddess from within.  Now there is no connection between woman and man on earth.  Earthlings have termed it venus vs mars.   (He smiles)


Channel:   Was this the secret between Yeshua and Magdalena?  


Shiva:  I see you have an acquaintance to such.  Then yes, I am confirming it. 

Channel:   Id like to know in this lifetime Shiva such connection.  I believe I deserve it.   (I then saw multiple forms of an adult Ganesh looking beings.  All in different dressings coming out of one Ganesh.  And he said:   “Claim thy wishes onto the stars and one by one, you shall witness the blessings of all.”)


Channel:   I don’t know much about you Shiva, nor your beautiful culture.   I honor and respect you for your manifestation


Shiva:  The honor is mine.   Please honor me by receiving this trident.   We honor you within our kingdom.  I am here at your service,  please call upon me when in doubt of love itself,  when in doubt of relationships, and when in doubt of heart matters.   Man is not evil by nature,  but choosing such dense incarnations,  have made man lose his love seed.  Woman contains it because of her nature to reproduce life repeatedly.   Yes it is a mystery,  but not un-achievable.  By faith you shall hear the trumpets announce the glory and yours shall be the kingdoms .


Channel :    How should I paint you? 


Shiva:   I am blue purple with some tones of grey.  My hair is very black and thick -yes.


Channel :    Are you a warrior?


Shiva:  I fight your battles.   My eyes are a mix of yellow brown with some green hazel


Channel :   Goodbye  (I said goodbye,  but I wanted to leave with him. He didn’t feel like a twin flame,  but he felt like he knew inside my heart.  I am to guess this is the mystery he holds as his love seed.  I also felt I knew his inner soul as another divine being,  but this he did not reveal.   For one split second,  I thought I felt Haylel,  but I was too mesmerized by his gaze,  so I didn’t dig into the thought.   He stood there,  very close looking into my eyes.  I captured his unique depth and immense multi-dimensional existence.  He held a deep mystery within I could not quite capture but I admit,  I wanted to dive into his eyes just to experience his power).  


6/16/2022.   6:53PM EST


Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 16x20"

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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