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Shiva - I Am Lord Shiva, it is my honor to come forth for you in this space of a hologram as you have invoked my essence.


Me- Thank you Lord Shiva, the honor is mine.  I have a special request on behalf of (client name withheld).  She has requested I paint you and Kali Ma in a dance if you may.   I am not sure the position or the details of such painting and would like for you to present yourself to her through this painting as it is her love and request to have you in this fashion.  May you oblige please?


Kali - Greetings it is I, dancing forth in the moonlight, laughing away all your troubles and nuances of grief perhaps?  


Me - Hi my beloved sister Kali, I love you so much.  Thank you for coming forth in this special request for (withheld).  She wants me to paint you and Shiva in a dance for her.  Would you oblige?


Shiva and Kali:  With much honor we lovingly present ourselves to you in the momentum of this frequency to bring you a raise in frequency through music, love, persuasion of movement, and rhythm, invoking the spirits of our ancestors to be present in essence as we sway in magic creating sound vibrations that will engulf you in the rhythm of creation of your heart’s desire.  We know….


Me - Thank you, I will take that as a message for (name withheld).  Can you please…. I see Shiva you are on the right….


Shiva - Male energies should be at the left of a woman to receive and protect her field.  To guard the entrance of her gateway and to be in her present moment as the way to honor her.  Man should never take his eyes off his faithful companion.  Not even when in the emotions of frustration. It should be an equivalence to meet the gentleness of a woman’s touch for violence breaks the tandem of energy and the ability to create ONE energetic shift into its own vibrational creation.  It is the ability of the Creator for a woman to create and through dance, woman should be allowed to manifest such creations in all ways; it is her movement man should flow into.  The tantric of such energy is what brings both into ecstasy and it is the man’s resolution to be at the mercy of a woman.  This can only be gained through self control and mastery of his energies and emotions.  This is the mastery of mans creation…


Kali - The challenge of a woman is to learn the mastery of her emotions and thus this will bring forth further ability to create.  She is the conductor of all relationships that come through her.  Woman is bound to receive contact with all forms of creation from nature to even the passing of a life form onto another (death).  How she decides to create such life and maneuver the momentum of this energy relies on her in all totality.  She can rule a whole country with such self-dominance or she can destroy her own touch…     In the illustration, bring vibrant color; a washed abstract would bring imagination of the viewer into play if you can.  Use lots of purple, paint Shiva in blue and myself with both the colors of blue and red.


Me:  Why am I seeing you in green, like the Green Tara? 


Kali:  Because I am an expression of Tara as well.  However in this painting, use red on the left and blue on the right.


Me:  Do you both have any messages for (name of client withheld)?


Shiva:  With love we stand in your forefront to bring you fruits of abundance.  We present to you our child Ganesh.  Be honored as we give this life to you, so you may collect the fruit of your loving sacrifices which have not been in vain.  Trust and BE.


August 2021

Shiva & Kali's Message

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on Canvas

    • 18x24"

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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