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Simply Astrea

Archangel Rafael - Welcome my dear beloved one. I am Archangel Rafael. I have come in to bring you the requested message. Archangel Michael  here present too in order to bring in quantum healing for you at this moment so you may achieve your desired connection.


Channel - Welcome brothers.   I request mother Astraea present as a painting request for  (client) an image and message from her would be greatly appreciated for client.)


Mother Astrea - Solace is a blessing (clients name withheld). Solitude is the term humans use. There is a difference. Enjoy your solace for in it,  is where you reconnect with all of YOU in all your times. I gift you with vision so you may see beyond the quantics of your now frequencies and connect to your own healing abilities for your own highest good. Memoires of the past shall not feel troublesome within your thought vibrations. A long journey awaits you in the midst of what you consider conflicting times; yet troubled waters always come to rest and the tides become one for all to ride.  In the golden of your inner silence, go within often to hear and become unified with the fractals of you souls. I engulf you in my sea-green essence, continue loving life and spreading your inner joy. Magical one is your joyous vision and smile. I am Astrea for all to see.


Simply Astrea

Out of Stock
  • • Mixed media on canvas

    • 16x20

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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