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I shall reveal to you the mysteries of the sun.  When creation became upon the cosmos, we were all stars within our Source  Father Mother God’s vibration.  He hummed and particles moved,  each hum became a creation from his depth.  We came to be and the Sun was our birthing mother. Evolution is an experiment by choice and therefore a hologram that is collectively created. 


(To me:   Yes, you are in the Akashic library of Creation.)


 You request pain to subside, you ask for lessons to not inflict.  You ask for divine justice.  But all has been created by the hands of our Creator.  All breathes and lives,  and simply a strain of events that have unfolded because all living things have created it.  I am not deflating your request for love and peace in all dimensions.  We all desire nothing more,  but this is evolution,  it is the Divine at work.  The school of knowledge is not all tainted by the lower vibrations of life and intelligence.  I am your beloved Shakti, mother to many and a fractal to divine mother.  The stars were not wrong  as we descended into creation itself and wandered by vibrational sound where our destinies would go. 


You request divine justice and you shall witness as our time on earth unfolds, you shall have the opportunity like many to bring love and peace on your home planet.   I am Shakti, I am Kali, I am Adi, I am Sofia, and I am you, your love for life and creation.   You are not here by accident but by choice.  To see with our own physical eyes of the soul how earth unfolds, you decided to make a difference.  All will be eradicated in due time.  All will continue their roles as chosen.  And earthlings will find their divine path and power.  That (client name withheld) is the true mission of humankind.


There is a very fine line between dimensions, and life on earth is very much inspired or influenced.  Humans will learn to choose which influence or inspiration to live by.  You have chosen, and yes there are moments of wavering.   Humans, our child spirits….so much to learn and share, extract and use, we too continue to learn your ways and ours.  The entire cosmos aligns within - and with all its creations  -without a doubt of the final destination because it is a never ending generation of divine thought.  This last sentence is to be publicized for the world leaders of spiritual change to read.  I am Parvati

Simply Shakti

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 16x20"

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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