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WE are the galactic soul star family of (name withheld).  We are the Sirian fractals of her angelic higher essence.  She has incarnated in the flesh various times stemming from this star.


Me:   I need you to please come forth and closer so I can see what and how I am going to illustrate you.  Very challenging for I cannot quite decipher your human features.


Sirian being:  You are to paint us as you see us.  Yes we are dark blue,  we have a “human” body for that is how you can resonate with this frequency.  We are a midnight black with minute stars as you can see. 


Me:  May I ask the dimension  we are communicating through?


Sirian:  We currently navigate in the 4th assisting our brothers and sisters into the 5D.   However you and I are in between the very much physical realm


Me:  Are you saying that I can see you with the physical eye? 


Sirian:   Yes.  You could if you wanted to.


Me:   Deep breath, hmmm


Sirian:  We are a loving race as old as the Lyrans and older than the Vega star.  


Do you have a message for (client)?   Yes we do.    Aside of your race, you also belong to the Lyran race of Galateacia which incarnated in Greece many years ago during the Roman ruling.  For now, the wisdom you seek is at your hands.   Lead by example ----- and not by words, for by behavior you will be admired and followed; sadly by words, misunderstood.  You are a bridge to your loved ones.  You are a bridge to many that are lost.  Do not suffer the misfortunes of others.  Do not burden yourself with the circumstances of deliberation.  You are here to lead the path of awakening by role example and silent behavior and actions.  Sing your words to the blooms of discovery; see the purple flowers that are alive on our planet.   Our dearest Daisy, many will not understand your painting, be at best and at peace.  We welcome your gift of language and telepathy within your range.  Your intentions are of the highest frequency and that my child is the nature of true creation.  What is your heart’s desire?    ….Yes, duality is a big concept in all dimensions.  Much of it mistaken and abused by other life forms.  Discernment is the key to true “salvation”   -faith is the conviction that what you create will manifest without doubt.


Be at peace my ladies.  For there is only beauty in all realms of our Divinity’s Creations. 

We are here,
We are with you,
We are ONE


Sirian Family

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 16x20 

    • 3/4" Depth Silver Frame

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