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Somisara:   I am the Higher Self you seek.


Channel:    I can hear you but I do not see you.  Please come closer.   If you need assistance for platform hologram, I can provide facility


Somisara:    That will not be needed.   I will give you the divine message first in regards to Megan.    I come from the 12th dimensional reality and yes I am a recreated version of her, quite knowledgeable.


Channel:    Many of us are aware of our powers today. 


Somisara:    Finally I can say that the human race will walk into their creative power.  If this is the case, then why are you at the point of uncertainty?


Channel:   I am perhaps at crossroads my good being.   I really wish you would show yourself as I will not consent to a conversation to any imposter, nor negative role playing energy.  Are we in agreement?


Somisara:    I am honored and I hold you in regard and respect.  You shall not be disappointed.  My message for (client) will be quite direct and simple.   Descending into these lower frequencies can be quite a catch I say -in observance……   Today is today, a second ago, was just that.    All times as you call it is nothing but a span of awareness.   All energy around you is occurring at the same time so when someone lives in the past, they are re-creating their  stagnant future.   Seems like this is clear to you, but I find myself needing to remind her of this mathematical equation of time.  So what is exactly my message to her?  Jump!   Jump the timeline by simply counting 1, 2, 3 and you will be exactly where you wish to be.


Now my agreement with you is to come closer. I am a goddess of Tulane, in Brisbon.   See my hair and gown.  I carry 3 jewels in my forehead which are really alchemized geometry.   My hair is in a bun even though I wear bangs.  My skin is fair yet easy to take on sun’s color.   I will take you to the waters of Greece during 732 AD, where the chariots carried fire to initiate a war or a bribe and winnings included death.   I am Somisara from the 12th dimensional realms.  See my white dress gown and the ivies behind me.   Did you know we used poison ivy to kill our lovers and also to cure wounds infected with disease?


Channel:  Do you have any final message for (client;s name withheld) that would assist her in her ascension process now?


Somisara - She will learn to use time to her advantage, to manipulate the clock to her illusion.  Soon she will bend time by manifesting her desires instantly, but only if she releases her past.


Channel:   Why did you hold mystery to seeing you?


Somisara-   I honor your place and I am grateful for your surrender,   you have honored thy own presence.   You have honored your own time and existence by being in compassion.   Farewell.


Channeled for
July 2022


Out of Stock
  • • Acrylic on canvas

    • 16x20"

    • 3/4" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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