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I am Suna, welcome once again. You did not expect to see me come on a horse did you? Well surprise be with you! Surprise is quite an emotion which has 2 existences each within a different frequency, yet both can incite change.


Channel- Welcome Suna. Why are you explaining the emotion of surprise? What are you really saying?


Suna- Like all emotions, surprise, love, desire, yearning, all can be of positive or negative output to receive. If the output is positively based on love, then such emotion will raise the frequency; otherwise, it will lower the natural vibrational process within and it attaines the power to attract the same likeliness meaning, low frequency will attract low manifestation.


Channel- Great advise. Thank you much for clarifying this for (clients name withheld), and myself. How is she doing?


Suna- Quite well in her adaptive process, she is a persistant trooper. She’s very much in preparation for a new dawn. She will reap the benefits of her work.


Channel- Suna, I have to paint you. Is there a particular way I should do this?


Suna - I exist in more than one realm, I am one of her higher selves currently. I wear my hair lose as you can see. It is light brown in your hologram with sunlit highlights. See in the background, the trees, and blue sky. I live in nature. Being in connection with nature reminds me how purity is maintained, how much love goes into our animals, wilderness, all the divine creations within the magical kingdom. My eyes a deep turquoise, and my dressing is mainly a transparent red with iridescent white sheer overlay. I do wear jewels as you can see, but they are crystal gems. The horse is my companion. I also go about a lion or (laughing) a very large turtle!


Channel- Suna, you remind me of Archangel Haniel. She too loves nature and the animals. She is often seen with a white lion. It will be my pleasure and honor to portray your beauty and smile. Do you think perhaps it shall be soon that (client) will be able to converse openly with you like I do? See you too?


Suna- Yes. She yet has to obtain the conviction of my existence. I am so very close literally to her, all she needs to do is whisper my name: Suna. I am here, I have been for hundreds of years. Now more than ever, we will directly connect. Exciting times of triumph!


11:17 EST 2/7/2022 channeled for


Out of Stock
  • • Oil on wood

    • 18x18"

    • 3/4" Depth

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