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Galactic Federation of Light - Welcome. Greetings beloved.

Me - Welcome. Greetings. May I ask you come forward please so I may see you clearly?


GFL - We are to be channeled as the Galactic Federation of Light for you. We bring forth as you requested the intervention; a being you have invoked on behalf of (name withheld). With your permission, we will begin this intercession of communication.


Me - Wait, for I am seeing Archangel Michael. I will speak first to Archangel Michael. Welcome my beloved Michael. Have you a message to give me before I agree to this communication?


Michael- YES. I will take this portal and complete the communication lines. You may now proceed.


Me - Thank you Michael, my love and honor to you.


Michael - They are transmitting a being within the Galactic Federation of Light , a member of an unknown race to you. Therefore I will transmit the message for (client's name withheld), and the image you will see clearly after the transmission. Here we go


Me - Michael I can hear it…


Ashtar Command - Greetings we are from the Ashtar Command , we give permission for this communication platform to take place. With your visuals you may be able to see the appearance of this being. The message to (client) is: Take heeding upon the world you have envisioned and thus created. You have come down this path in a multiplicity of times and this is not your unawakened continuance of such. Now is the time to move forward and bring clairity to your mind, soul, and community of shared beliefs with the discovery you have made that ALL is equal in all forms

! We await your arrival as you will come home this time, we greet you. We are from the servers within the Ashtar Command, we assist, guide and help them through the veins of details with technology and medicine. We maintain the pods of regeneration among the ship, and we converge all dead cells into healthy DNA cells. We understand Earthlings are tied to forms of identification for they yet have to open their hearts to love capacities. We ask that you use yours to measure the amount of light and benevolence we abide by. Yes you have never seen nor heard from us, because we are a small colony salvaged from the ruins of destruction. We lived more than 10,000 light years ago. We have bodies of water too and microorganisms that evolve into other formations like the humans. We were interjected by forms of attack and most of our planet perished. We were left in much state of vulnerability. See my head is split in two because we equally are gifted in all senses, perhaps you can say we have two brains and our visionary capabilities are and can project millions of timelines at once. We are a small civilization of truth, kindness, and benevolence. Mutations of attacking races did not take place within us, instead we ceased embodiment when DNA mutations were experimented on us. This explains, why we have a small colony.


Me - I thank you for the explanation and the allowance to read you. Thank you. Can you please show me exactly how I am going to paint this illustration of you to someone that does not know your kind at all?


The Aldeans - We are the Aldeans, some other healers have channeled our race as the Aaryans and other A names. Within your frequency, you hear Aldeans. See the colors of our skin which range from your skin colors to light lavender. Ha ha ha, no, we do not lack oxygen, that is just the color of our formative coating or skin suit if you can resonate with that better.


Me -So you are wearing a suit so we can see you? Then what do you look like in reality?


The Aldean - We are flashes of light like orbs with a point, like floating oval spheres. We really are orbs of yellow and purple.


Me - So…. How should (clients name withheld) really see you? And how are you connected to (client)?


The Aldean - She is one of us who volunteered to attend the Earth school to bring back knowledge of survivorship, for you too face genetic mutation currently.


Me - Please show me, your eyes, do you have human eyes?


The Aldean - We do not. Please do not be tainted by fear my dear audience as you see us in our selected form of incarnation. We do not have ears because our senses are telepathic. We do not have a nose and our mouths are very tiny but we do not have teeth. Our formations are very subtle, we are mainly transparent in body. You are Coding 1378 frequency in this channel. We thank you for transmission.


Me - Michael, I forgot to ask them if they are neutral.


Michael - No, they are not neutral. Reread their message of survival and you will understand. Transmission is complete.


Me - Thank you Michael. I love you dearly, thank you for all you do. Please heal my vessel now and recalibrate for human interaction. Thank you.

September 15, 2021 3:00PM EDT.

The Aldean

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  • • Oil on wood

    • 18x18"

    • 3/4" Depth

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