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Lillith:   The Sound of Source shall be the title of this artwork.   You shall relief the symbols of these wave sounds as they are perfectly synchronized sound waves that rippled through the cosmos as Source breathed and wondered.   I am Lilith.   To you I am our sister, our inner you, a friend.   We witnessed these articulated creations of birthing and yes, these energies birthed their rights of existence into the Cosmos of Creation:


Channel: I was shown multiple “clouds”, rainbow clouds which each had a sound, they breathed and emitted waves like sound, a vibration I was able to feel within because as the vibrations moved, so were the formations of shapes like electrical sounds that became alive to form geometric shapes and forms, all different yet unified.   The sounds reverberated these vibrations:

Maa- (mahhhhh) (Rebirth),

Saa-(infinite source of universe),

AH (hhhh)-(Manifestation and balancing of the Crown Chakra)

Sol- (the o sound carries long) (The sound of light, reclamation of the light within 741 Hz),

Toth (toththth)-increases awareness and activates 3rd eye 44 x


Archangel Raphael:  These are the symbols to activate your painting.  This explains in Kundalini fire-breath these sound are exhumed from the belly.  Yes I am Archangel Raphael.  


Archangel Ariel:   I am Ariel- The drops of water were crystallized particles of gas frozen in cold air as they fell onto the lands throughout the movement, they melted, reshaped, and formed the lakes, rivers and oceans.   This happened and evolved within time as they formed their own gases, compositions, structures, and frequencies to solidify and create further light formation


RA Collective:   We are RA.  We witnessed the formation of galaxies, as the angels formalized and tenderly molded in thy father’s similarity the beauties of breathing stars and life forms, of planets and beings, we took it upon our order to manipulate energy and time and create the foundations for further existence.  We did this with love and good intention and we established laws for all formations.   We had the best intentions not knowing the evolutions to come yet curios with growth to allow for evolution to occur.


Channel:   I thank you that are all very powerful and I shall include this in my book as a continuation of Lilith’s perspective on creation.  Should I paint Source in this expression?


Toth:   Blessings my sister, I am Toth.  Perhaps you are not sure of my benevolence, my appearance, and unsure of my existence.  I have been observing performances, rituals, behaviors, and happenings on your planet.  It is mine as well for I have incarnated as man in the flesh thousands of lifetimes.   My heedance to your talent is the following.  Write the book.  The vision you see now is the cover.  My deviation was the incarnation of source itself.   You say this was a tale, I tell you it is not.  I am Source in the flesh as man.   LOL you really do not know of my existence.  Then search   I am the Sacred Sound of Toth.  Another title for your book.    I also incarnated as Tutankhamen.  I did.    I adored myself, self idolization.  I will not deliver a message to humanity as Toth nor as Source, but as man.   I navigate both polarities of existences.    I have unraveled mysteries to manipulate earthlings, I am guilty.   But I stand in my sovereign power to declare that I have always been free even in the capture of deceit.   I still exist in that timeframe.   JA JA JA.  I leave with you thy Father’s Glory


Channel:    How do I paint Michael, Source, Toth?  


Archangel Four:    It is I that you search in response.   We are all ONE clearly.   The image you’ve been seeing for months now is the one you shall paint.  Simply.     Ah – is an extremely powerful sound for achieving higher consciousness and enlightenment. Also for manifestation of goals it is extremely good. Think of one thing you want more of in your life: love, freedom, wealth, joy, inner peace, etc. Think of this “goal” or say it in silence, in between the AHs in this meditation. This will make your heart chakra resonate with the frequency of your goal or purpose


(963 hz- Connect to Divine Consciousness)


July 2022

Channeled for


The Sound of Source

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 24x30"

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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