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KaliMa:   …. Come closer to the ethers of wonder my child.   I am Kali ma.   See me outside of the veil of illusion for clarity.  Use your gifts and see the wonders of creation.   This message is divinely intended for the full development of (client name withheld).   See the connection of the buddhas that are approaching:


Tara:  I am TARA to many of you.   You have invoked my essence to see my true form of nature, my true essence of creation.   I am many others to your kind.   But today, I shall be TARA for you.  I am before Christendom for your knowledge.   I carry red jewels on my head; I also carry an orange sheath over my shoulders.   Many have seen me green in skin color; others have seen my truest glory in black.  For black holds the secret of creation.   I carry 3 red jewels over the hairline; this is my connection to the divine councils of creation itself.   Do not carry the burden of your culture in your heart.  You have chosen this path to bring enlightment to your own, but more so to yourself, to your own journey.    You do carry a torch for you believe you walk in the darkness.   You now walk in the light of the highest realms my dear (name withheld).   You are our queen.  Believe so.  Your wisdom is so valuable from all existence.  Do not hesitate in the face of the unknown, in the face of choice.  Stand firm to decide, for only you create your destiny.   The activations you will receive with this channeling shall be the strength in your decision making process.  So do not hesitate with doubt or uncertainty.  The activation has taken place as you now carry the fractal of Divine Kali Ma, sister to our soul.  Fortitude, firmness, fire within, so you may birth independence –much needed to heed decision.   You are to become a woman of full blossom, no longer anguished by doubt.  Hear us all as we stand next to you.  All three of us:  Kali Ma, Tara myself, and divine Archangel Michael, ….and Pele too.   Feel the fires that burn within you as you embark in this beautiful creation of your new life.


Pele:  Behold I am Pele, of the fire of the waters, of the song and dance that nature brings unscathed by the your horrid of manmade illusions.   I am Pele, mother within the essence of the aboriginal tongues brining you thirst for creation and purity, a thirst for purity in the blossoms of our soil and waters.  I am Pele, one with Divine Mother, one with you.


Channeled for
5/ 17/ 2021 = 9

The Three Flames

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 18x24

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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