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Two bluebirds approach and urge to be followed.  Walking through pretty gardens of flowers, I see vines hanging from trees; The sun shines really bright between them.   Far off I see a gorgeous maiden with long red thick hair.   At first I think this could be a mermaid combing her hair…but it is not. 


Channel =  I have been brought to you, divine one.


Artemis = With what purpose?

Channel = I have a (name of client withheld) that wants to connect with you for a painting 


Artemis = I know who she is but I do not know who you are.   May I examine you?


Channel = May I examine you?


Artemis = I am Artemis to you.   I am the goddess of animal, wisdom, and nature.  


Channel = What exactly is your task.  I really do not know you.   In regards to (client) though,  I ask you explain or perhaps to the collective as this painting shall be publicized for all to see.


Artemis.    I am really  a  peaceful one.   I love my animals, they are pure innocence and I can see your disdain for the killings and mutilation of such.  You are not in agreement, yet you consume them.  


Channel = I wish very much to change this, I do despise this dependency.  


Artemis = That can be arranged for you. 


Channel = I accept.  (I felt the energy touch me within. She drew alchemy symbols on my chakras and she maneuvered a hand in my solar.   The touch of Artemis, is a divine magical healing touch.   If you are in frequency with her she will grant you healing and with the use of her own alchemy symbols used to heal wounded animals.  The star Tetrahedron activates within your cells to recalibrate the imbalances if the human allows the healing to occur, it does.  There must be total surrender and belief that healing takes place.   An integration with powers she provides without separation, for this is simply, the human has forgotten how to self heal. 


Artemis = I am simply using the power of the human to reignite their own power of self healing.   I am not separate of you.   I am you, all of you.   Love does heal all wounds. The intention does conquer all hearts -ill or not, devised or not, all frequencies can come to a mutual acceptance.


(I saw how animals approached us, deer, rabbits, falcons, even the mushrooms spoke in approval; the trees hugged us during the miracle of healing as I experienced Artemis and her touch.) 


Artemis = (Client) All,  the Holy Grail is the touch of life…..  The food, the manna of light of Source comes from you.


(She then points to my heart and shows me  a golden diamond:  2 Tetrahedrons, illustrated above)


Artemis =  This is your magic.  Ladies, healers,  use this diamond heart and place it in each chakra of those you heal.   Allow the healing to be mastered by your own powers.    The way you see me now is the true depiction of my energy.  Paint this if you can.  The worldly depictions of me are simply interpretations.  


Channel = My most humble gratitude to you.  On behalf of (client), the healing collective,  we thank you.

Touch of Artemis

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 16x20"

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrappe

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