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The Sacred Tree of Life


I am Divine Mother Sofia to you. You have indeed requested a very special connection. Know that you have invoked the essence of who you are. ​For this glory is a Banyan Tree in its original formation. You may have to study it and research to further detail its magical creation. This existence of elemental magic and divine creation and expression founded its root​s before it broke ground, before a leaf was visible on the earth's surface. The roots grew first and established its nutrients and searched to guarantee its survival before, way before it decided to reach and break ground above.


Earth vibrated when its seed germinated within the echoes of darkness below you. Its sacredness was formed before life within the waters was created. Yes. Believe this.


(Sofia smiles with grandness and a magnanimous feeling of accomplishment. And continues…)


Can you imagine, my dear earthling, can you compare to this divine creation, how this is YOU?


Your roots are established before you incarnate. Your mission is to grow. How many branches would this tree flourish has been unknown yet it was acknowledged and accepted. This is how you as the tree, capable of flourishing many branches, therefore became many lifetimes. YOU, like the tree of life will never die. Its essence and yours are vital to God's creations.


The roots of this tree are the fractals of your spirit: call them souls, particles of your essence. The trunk of this tree is your spirit. The limbs of this tree are your different missions and lessons. The branches are your different lifetimes. The twigs are your timelines, and the leaves are pathways you take to accomplish your lessons. The fruit and flowers? These are the accomplished lessons.


Channel – Sofia that’s so beautiful. How complex we are yet so simple…..


The density of your planets has achieved its purpose, which was to bring this duality to you and to us all. Call it sacred duality once you pass the graduation of the University of Earth! We learn through your existence. There is really no magic. You are the magic oh my dearest ones! You are cherished and so valuable to the entire Cosmos. Suffer not my children of earth. Tomorrow is guaranteed to come with joy and golden treasures immeasurable to the eyes of the heart. Your evolution is here and now. Rejoice!

There are no differences among all life forms regardless of their differences and appearances. To the spirit, we are all the same which is why the Tree of Life is uniform, balanced, beautiful, and emits the sacred sound of creation at all times. Even its fruit which may be bigger, tastier, smaller, lighter, intense, sweeter or less sweet, but the fruit is the same…. YOU are all the same because you share ONE SPIRIT grounded from within the darkness of its own creation.



Chanelled for
March 2023

Tree of Life

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 16x20"

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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