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My sweet child, my sweet sweet child.   Upon the glory of your souls I have navigated for thousands of years with various incarnations upon your Earth.  My names have been many.   But this is my true essence.   On the waters and skies of creation I have existed not as a being of your imagination and legends, but as a true representation of an angelic expression within its fractal.   I have been called Lemanya, Yemoya, Amphrite, Aphrodite, Salacia, Oshun and many others. I have been portrayed in various skin tones and countries, cultures and beliefs.   I am the truest expression of Quan Yin.   But I am Divine Mother expressed as Yemhanja for you.  Religions and countries have categorized me,  but simply know my essence is just an expression on Quan Yin, Guanyin,  within another vision and expression.

You have questions about a heart that bleeds.  No pain is too big for a heart to not bear.   Carry your rose within because the beauty lies in the thorns that accompany the beauty of the rose.  A rose that blooms will always have thorns,  a life that  incarnates into the flesh will have its lessons.  You can decide what to do with such, but here is where you hold the key of its fragrance and how long before its bloom perishes.  You ask about unity and sovereignty…. You should not claim one without the other if you hold separation of judgment. This is a message for all healers. A sovereign being will always carry the goal of unity within its intended heart. Healers across your planet are confusing these terms.  Being sovereign deems unity as a requirement.  Unity within a sovereign mentality is the target.  Many healers are using this term to create separation because of differences in modalities.   Unity should not be based on categories or methodologies.  There will be a day where healers of different philosophies and modalities across the globe will unite with one unity regardless of beliefs.  Being sovereign is standing within your Creator being power to express your free will as you choose; standing in unity without condemnation or criticism of such use of power is another -which many have not achieved.  Unity is based on pure existence, pure essence of life in all dimensions, realms, and realities.  Respect is warranted a choice of the will, and that is where sovereignty shows its integrity.  Our essence was made to progress, to evolve.  Humanity will evolve not when they stand in sovereignty but when they can be sovereign within one Divine Unity of creation. Unity must not hold different groups of healing philosophies, but instead ONE group of all healers with the “philosophy” of UNITY for all.

Until then, human kind will continue their evolution toward progress within their spirituality and this will include living each other’s differences with sovereign love for all.  Acceptance must not be confused with consent but with compassion.  This term of compassion is not pity; it is holding the inner comprehension toward another without holding judgment and respect of their sovereign creations by choice.  Wisdom is achieved through this sovereignty.  Sovereignty is the integrity to your essence and holding it even in the face of differences, and that is what brings unity of one divine essence:  the essence of Divine Source.



Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 18x24

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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