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 ( I see waves of water, thunder, dark clouds and different hues of a blue sky. Descending appears a cloud, with a God looking man, perhaps Zeus with his white robe, perhaps Moses? )


Channel = I am honored to greet you my good being. May you please identify yourself so I have transcribe your most divine message to (client's name has been withheld) please.


Throne Angel  = My child, from the Grecian times, stories legends, all your collective has created to give me the power of who I am today. I greet you in divineness


Channel = How am I to paint you? Do you have a message for her? A painting of you indeed would be so powerful.


Throne Angel = The gates have opened, and the floods of blessings shall be many upon your race. Many souls shall rise and many yet shall choose to stay.


Channel = Understood dear…..? I am not sure what to call you.


Throne Angel = I am Father of Literature, I can be also the God of the gods.  Do you wish to call me Zeus? You can.


Channel = I always thought you were just a mythological one. Thank you again for confirming your existence. You look like what a divine Father God Mother would look like in all our depictions. What is your message to (client) then?


Zeus = The polarities you serve in this existence shall come to an end. Soon, your eyes shall be cast upon those that are lost within their own beliefs. Many have no direction, and you shall direct them like Moses led his life and others onto new milk. Divine creations shall take over and bands of angelic mercenaries shall fight and win this divine war. It has already won. You are just now remembering how you won. Therefore, time to close the notebook you have been writing in and take out a new one with blank pages. Ascension is here. That is my message.


Channel = Does she have any polarizing that needs to be done and will her healing methodology be changing ?


Zeus = Yes, (client)  will complete such within the next weeks, perhaps seven. (Client) terminated at will the contracts she is now serving;  Will only have ears to serve the highest angelic beings and not the denser realities she has been helping.  The new timeline within the higher frequencies (dimensions) shall bring (client) into the new paths of different ways to approach power and knowledge, all within servitude.   Disconnect  and all shall come within divine timing as you align yourself with divine will.   It is done, it is written. I am the angel of the heavens, the creator of stories, the god of the storms , I exist as a Throne Angelic force. ( The remaining personal message to the client has been omitted due to its sacredness).


Channel = Do you have another name besides Zeus? It feels funny to call you that.


Zeus = I am the Throne Angel of Wisdom. My respect to the work you do, my honor and glory.


(Further divine instructions have been omitted due to its sacredness and confidentiality to the client).


Channel = I humbly thank you.


Throne Angel of Wisdom = Paint me and none other. This is the opening of her new journey.


Channeled for Esoteric Vibes  October 2022

Throne of Wisdom

Out of Stock
  • • Oil on canvas

    • 16x20"

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrappe

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