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A conversation took place with Archangel Ariel for this Andromedan to come through:


Ariel:  “My glorious crown, defender of earth, chosen for such wildlife  essence.  I carry the trident of power, redemption and transmutation for your eyes to see and your soul to expand upon.  See me as I am with coral colored hair, waving about in the seas of oceans.  I am Archangel Ariel. My voice resounds and carried throughout the seas of this planet to bring frequencies of change, adaptation, and transmutation for all creatures that abound on and in earth.  The gem on my chest is an emerald, this I give to you with for it is the power you have inside to create, re-create,  and bring new life.   We thank you here from the sea plane realms for all you do.  You have incarnated as an Andromedan among the first races you chose... “


Zura-Ati:  “See me now with long hair and a shiny skin tight uniform in deep sea purple.  We cross the galaxies on earth and at sea, please know  I am Zura-Ati of the Northern Star in Andromeda.  We are your family in the cosmos.  Believe your are not alone in your journeys.  Earthlings,  we are your galactic siblings.  Our journeys have been quite of resemblance. After thousands of years we have crossed planes of dimensions.  Trust that you will too.  We abide, we wait, we assist, we are here, we are there, now in your realms.”

Zura-Ati of the Northern Star

Out of Stock
  • • Mixed media on canvas

    • 24x36"

    • 1.5" Depth Gallery Wrapped

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