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A.R.I.A. Certification

Service Description

This is a ONE on ONE class and not a group class. This Akashic Retrieval Integration Alignment (A.R.I.A.) certification prepares you to access the Akash and be shown the lifetime segments that still have stagnant timelines where fractals of the soul have remained. It is an in-depth Soul Integration. During this session, soul fragments left under trauma in other life spans are retrieved and either crossed over or integrated depending on their frequency. Platforms are actualized, essence becomes purified, and un-sequential timelines are either disintegrated or integrated. This process allows the alignment within your current frequency thus permeating and restoring health on all levels of mind, body, soul, and spirit. Negative role-playing energies are educated and re-guided, some are de-platformed from negative sequences and others are resourced. Archangel Azrael and Haylel lead the session and healings; other angels may join alongside your Divine Expressions. Discover if you have created parallel timelines, have left injured and traumatized soul fractals in other lifetimes, and find out what you have trailed into this life as destructive behavior, addictions, corded relationships, karmic patterns, illogical fears, and so many other attachments that become obstacles to manifest. The Akash is opened prior to class in order to receive the attunement for the alchemy symbols used. Class will last 2 hours and the corresponding course material will be emailed to use for reference with the recording so you can reference to it later. Once certified you can add this service to your practice. Our goal is to expand our growth toward integration.

  • 2 hr
  • 188.88 US dollars
  • via Zoom

Cancellation Policy

Esoteric Vibes appreciates your support and loyalty. To continue providing optimum service in a structured manner, we have added 2 practitioners offering you a broader scope of options. Session cancellations and refunds will not be granted. Once you book a session, you can reschedule or exchange it for another type of session as long as it is with the same practitioner. To avoid last-minute rescheduling, please do not schedule your sessions more than a month out. To reschedule your session, please let us know within 3 hours of your appointment. Thank you.

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