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C.H.H. Training

Service Description

Through our training, you will learn specific scripts that can be used to address your clients' unique questions and conditions, allowing you to tailor the hypnosis experience to their individual needs. Our Crystalline Hypnosis Healing Training is designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills to guide your clients into a deep state of relaxation and meditation known as the Theta state. This state is associated with enhanced creativity, problem-solving abilities, and mental clarity. By utilizing hypnosis techniques, we tap into the power of Theta waves to unlock inner potential, promote learning, and boost creativity. One of the key benefits of this training is its ability to help clients achieve deep relaxation and reduce anxiety by accessing their subconscious mind. This makes hypnosis an effective tool for treating various conditions such as depression, PTSD, phobias, and even understanding the underlying causes of our behaviors, reactions, and decisions. By completing this training, you will not only be able to offer hypnosis services to your clients but also educate them about the process, addressing any doubts or concerns they may have. This will help alleviate their anxieties and make the entire experience more comfortable for them. Additionally, our training goes beyond the basics and offers you the opportunity to explore more advanced techniques, such as guiding clients through a life between lives or even allowing them to visit a future timeline. The training consists of two segments, each lasting 2.5 hours, with pre-work to study beforehand to ensure you are fully prepared to answer any questions and address any concerns your clients may have. You will also learn how to conduct Resistance Tests for clients who may initially feel skeptical or resistant to hypnosis. Topics such as Belief Systems will also be covered, providing you with a deeper understanding of how these beliefs can impact a client's approach to hypnosis. Overall, this training will equip you with the tools and knowledge to effectively use Crystalline Hypnosis Healing in your practice, helping your clients uncover the root causes of their issues and find lasting solutions.

  • Duration Varies
  • 288 US dollars
  • via Zoom

Cancellation Policy

Esoteric Vibes appreciates your support and loyalty. To continue providing optimum service in a structured manner, we have added 2 practitioners offering you a broader scope of options. Session cancellations and refunds will not be granted. Once you book a session, you can reschedule or exchange it for another type of session as long as it is with the same practitioner. To avoid last-minute rescheduling, please do not schedule your sessions more than a month out. To reschedule your session, please let us know within 3 hours of your appointment. Thank you.

Upcoming Sessions

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