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Iridology Consultation

Service Description

Iridology is one of the best non-invasive tools used to study color, pigmentations and structure of the iris available to discover which areas of the body are genetically strong and which are deficient. An Iridology assessment helps to understand one’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual constitutions. Just as fingerprints are unique to each person, no two pairs of eyes are alike. Our eyes reveal much more than color, pupil size and fiber structures. They carry much information about our body and can reveal much about our vital force and nature. Iridology can give you clues about your health, your organs, blood circulation, the nerves, the lymph system, an entire scope of your body and organs. This study can detect hypertension, hyperthyroidism, liver and gallbladder issues, inflammation, a weak immune system, allergies, lymphatic health, and even high cholesterol. Please email the following after booking your Iridology session: *** Send photos of each eye (directions and example pics can be found below) *** Fill out the Iridology Client Form (link can be found at the bottom of the page) Email: Please include booking info when emailing photos/forms. After emailing, check with us to see if the quality is clear enough to do an assessment. The photo's quality should be the same as the examples below. If the photos are of clear quality, then an assessment session can be scheduled. Once the photos of both eyes and the client form have been emailed, you will receive a detailed summary of assessment findings and recommendations within 2-3 days. INSTRUCTIONS: Clear and detailed photos are needed. Shine a small flashlight/penlight to the side of the eye you are photographing. The camera should be 3-4 feet away. Zoom in to get the clearest possible photo of the iris. Repeat for the opposite eye. VERY IMPORTANT: Clear photos of eyes are essential to be able to see iris fiber quality, structure, and pigments.

  • 1 hour
  • 144.44 US dollars
  • via Email

Cancellation Policy

Esoteric Vibes appreciates your support and loyalty. To continue providing optimum service in a structured manner, we have added 2 practitioners offering you a broader scope of options. Session cancellations and refunds will not be granted. Once you book a session, you can reschedule or exchange it for another type of session as long as it is with the same practitioner. To avoid last-minute rescheduling, please do not schedule your sessions more than a month out. To reschedule your session, please let us know within 3 hours of your appointment. Thank you.

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