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Claim Your Self

We can receive many readings or healings as we desire, however, it is not until we allow that inner voice from within our hearts to actively speak that we truly begin our transformation, healing, and resolution. It begins through the remembrance of our soul. When you connect deeply through the Theta hypnosis/meditation brain-waves of our consciousness to your soul (higher self or oversoul), it activates your heart into knowing that love becomes all, and it is the very life force that runs through the veins of this multi-verse.

With every thought, deed, and action, you create (or re-create) your actual world. You decide really what issues you wish to be rid of or you seem to be recreating in a sick recycling. Only you can determine when to end such habitual sickening and dense manifestations in your reality. Do you feel you cannot do it alone? Then seek the help that resonates with your heart! Don't go to the family doctor, or the family counselor. Seek that person that calls your heart and not your ego mind. Your ego mind will take you back to the same cycle that got it all started.

Know that you and only you have the power within to accept, deny, control, create, and disappear all circumstances, all dis-ease, all fears, negativity, pessimism, and the obstacles around you and within. You are a sovereign being! You create, and you have to power to consent to the situations around you. You are not helpless, you are a divine creator!

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