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Four Flames

The Four Flames Lylith: As it comes in through an incantation, I Lilith pronounce you free of dormant energies that linger across times and spaces for all. I, Lilith of the dark ages, shall not come through as my dark version for that “ship has sailed” as you’ve been hearing lately my sweetness. Care not the petty things of this world for bigger things are at hand for all to hear. I am Lilith, for you. For the world, I will continue to be in the wraths of no light. But know, that in your heart, I will never perish as who I am. For I am the first creation of divine femme energy, the energy created to bring light to all, the light they under-estimated to be of one kind. I am a divine creature of GOD, your god, the one and true Creator and I declare the stars of peace lay among you all now in this eventful of times and more to come. For this painting, you will see me galloping on a horse, throughout the forests of time, with the speed of light as I bring you fortitude and strength to carry the new dawns. I am Lilith of the Stars, the same Lylith veneered within the savages your collective have created, the same Lylith that with one touch can demolish demons of your creation. But I am the divine star, original star creation within the light you now see gleaming through a dark space of nothingness. I am all. Call on me when you wish to know your inner sanctum of turmoil, for I will shine through so you may shine with your own light. This is not easily attained. It is rather a treacherous pathway full of tears and sorrow, but those who embrace their repressions will triumph and their pathways shall become one with Source. NO, I am not referring to the dark source, or the Source existent within the absence of light, no. My source is your God, the same that lies within you, within me, within all time and space. Blessed be for I am that Lilith. Carry thy torch wherever you go and never allow any one person to turn off your fire, EVER. Caress me in the darkness of blackness and upon the sun’s glory, realize you are the SUN! Aurora: Hear me singing though the atmosphere of your illusion, the sound, the high pitch you hear is me. I am Archangel Aurora, the Phoenix of fires, the ashes of life. I, the Aurora of Angels, descend upon you to bless your talents and gifts furthermore, to enhance your inner fire for desire to live and experience with joy the troubles of the earth. Suffer them not for you will witness the divine resolution of your so many hundreds of lifetimes. Captivity is no more my dearest sister of the flame. The darkness is over. All shall sing the glory to the Highest, and the darkest beings shall rejoice in their own fires for years to come. We will honor everyone’s choosing, yes. Divine times where all shall have their roles to play to make this divine time of ascension into glory the most transformational one for all. Do not suffer the ones that have chosen to not see, for they too shall see. I am Archangel Aurora, call upon me when you wish to suffocate in the ashes all that no longer serve, but know that with such ashes, life is always reborn. Fear not the choices to make, be thankful you have choices…. It is your divine gift to choose, why then surrender it to another? Frehja: I am the divine Frehja that you call upon. See me as I am in the now illusion composed of thoughts, composed of the times your collective has created of what I am and look like. I am a goddess of winter, of seasons, of land, of rivers and seas, and oceans across all creations. I have battled in the centuries for righteousness, to make justice free from judgment. I am a creator of choice for mankind, which have used their humaneness on earth to bring “justice”. I consume with fire those choices made which led to more pain and regret. I carried torches of flames among men into battle. Most of my incarnations have been male energy, but I TOO HAVE BEEN IN THE FLESH as SACRIFICED NUNS AND WOMEN THAT LATER WERE DECLAIRED SAINTS IN YOUR COUNTRIES. Yes, I am St. Barbara, the one raped and de-throated. I am Fatima, of the child trialed unjustly for her divine visions; I am the virgin of Pasquale, and the goddess of fruits and fertility known as Hera, Heremia. We have played all roles…. And yet we are here with our love and compassion to bring justice to its divinity. Call upon me when you are in confrontation with the unknown, when under scrutiny, and unjust trials. I was Pope John III perhaps to say this alone could instigate a heresy? Ha ha ha ha. Fear not the provocation. I am Frehja, within the flames of justice, untouched by perils, and free from all condemnation. I AM Frehja!!!!! With my flames I extinguish all your pains, regrets, and diseases of the hardened hearts! I honor you with my sword, preparing you for further battle. Trust in thy cup of triumphs and lift your swords onto the kingdom of thy Father for you are honored for all your service. KaliMa: Ham ha ha ha ha. Kali, Kali I am, Kali I am blessed to be. Ma na na na na, I am, blessed be, blessed be blessed be! Ula la la la la, lalala. With my song I banish all realities that no longer serve your highest purpose. With my eyes, I pierce though times, all knowledge that stems through ignorance, lack, and deceit. You are to be born again within divines whole within integrity, and joyful of your new creation of self awareness. I am KaliMa, divine mother of wisdom and disintegration of ignorance. I bestow you with joy in this time and honor your courageous existence. What a time, what a time to rejoice in what you call “shit-hole”. Ha ha ha ha ha, that no more shall be. Call upon me, when you could use divine judgment upon others, when you need a call of justice to make and you wish to be just and fair. You ask about consciousness when making such calls of judgment, I know the challenge of humanness. Humans judge from the mindful ego and not from the embraced heart. All Four: We wish you well, so blessed be the days of your incarnation. Rely on trust that we shall meet you at the gateway of paradise. Embrace the coven, embrace the promise, and trust the visions! Blessed be, blessed be, the tide has come, and winds carried sounds of agony into the pit of nowhere. The new dawn, the new sun, blessed be, the tide has come.

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